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Multiple Project Management


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An important core responsibility of e-mobil BW is to link together stakeholders from the economic, scientific and public authority sectors. Here its activities focus on the coordination of numerous projects and major research networks.

For e-mobil BW the job of managing multiple projects involves taking responsibility for overall project management activities, supporting technological projects, initiating projects in interdisciplinary fields, and maintaining contact with ministries and project organisers. They also organise and implement collaboration platforms (IT) and foster more in-depth discussions. Networking between the projects and among project participants and with other research programmes is achieved through the overall project management system. This system also makes an important contribution to continuous implementation and development of the common strategy.

Leading-edge cluster Electric Mobility South-West

The leading-edge cluster Electric Mobility South-West, which receives support from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and from the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, forms a strong foundation for advancing the industrialisation of electric mobility in Baden-Wuerttemberg as a business location. Here, e-mobil BW coordinates the cluster’s projects in the competitive leading-edge cluster environment, and also plays a major role in the formation of a sustainable cluster structure.

Around 20 technological projects have been and are being carried out in four fields of innovation. The aim here is to achieve important advances in the areas of component and production costs, simpler handling in day-to-day routines, and to link different transportation systems in a more customer-oriented way. Parallel to this, numerous projects are in progress covering subjects related to internationalisation strategies, public relations, and education and specialised training subjects. e-mobil BW combines and concentrates these tasks in its multiple project management activities, and carefully aligns future projects and activities to the underlying strategy and goals of the cluster.

LivingLab BWe mobil - Showcase Region for Electric Mobility

At the same time, e-mobil BW and the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (WRS) take mutual responsibility for project coordination for the Baden-Wuerttemberg LivingLabBWe mobil showcase, which receives support from the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the region of Stuttgart. Thus, an intermodal, internationally linked project network came into being, involving more than 100 partners in around 40 different projects, with close links to both local communities as well as manufacturers.

This network makes it possible to develop new business models, and provides a venue to research the suitability of the electric mobility system as a whole for day-to-day living. Here e-mobil BW and WRS together manage communications with the ministries involved on federal and state levels, the three other showcases, and the project consortiums.

Further multiple project management tasks

Currently being formed is the cluster Fuel Cell BW. e-mobil BW will also be responsible for the coordination of activities here. Concrete projects are in the preparation phase.

In addition to these major research networks, e-mobil BW is also involved in numerous projects in the area of public relations and education and specialised training, such as frequent appearances at trade fairs and symposiums, and joint booths in collaboration with Baden-Wuerttemberg international (bw-i).