As innovation agency of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, e-mobil BW works actively to shape the creation of the electric mobility system. It promotes the transition to alternative energies, and it advances the industrialisation and market introduction of mobility solutions fit for the future, together with a network of partners from business, science and public authorities. This bolsters the location of Baden-Wuerttemberg in the long term as an economic and scientific region. e-mobil BW orients its activities towards the following strategic points.

Industrialisation of the electric mobility system

In future Baden-Wuerttemberg will be a prominent provider and production site for innovative mobility solutions fit for the future. e-mobil BW promotes this target through its activities in the area of industrialisation. An important role is played here by the leading-edge cluster Electric Mobility South-West, which receives support from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), and whose work is coordinated by e-mobil BW. The activities ensure that the branches involved are sensibly networked and that the companies – from the start-up to the major corporation – are integrated in the technological change process. The same applies to the cluster Fuel Cell BW, which was established in 2013. The different projects in the field of fuel cell technology are coordinated, and interests are concentrated, so that a living network comprising different partners from throughout Baden-Wuerttemberg results.

Support for the creation of suitable framework conditions

e-mobil BW believes in an approach that is open to all kinds of technology. This means that they support the development of battery technology just as much as fuel cell or hybrid technology. The right framework conditions need to be in place for all technologies. In addition to the development of a suitable charging infrastructure, e-mobil BW works to achieve standardised specifications for charging stations and payment systems. In its field of expertise it advises the Baden-Wuerttemberg state government, and is an active player in various national and European bodies.

Use and demonstration of the electric mobility system

One of the benefits of using electric mobility in urban and rural areas is the considerable effect this has in the area of environmental protection. It is especially effective for reducing traffic volume and emissions. Beyond that, it will keep mobility generally available in future too. Central topics here are the intelligent control of transportation systems, intermodality, and sustainable development in municipalities in the field of mobility. The purpose of the roughly 40 projects of the LivingLab BWe mobil electric mobility showcase is to develop business models. Vehicle, fleet and charging infrastructure projects, and various residential and transport projects model the electric mobility system. Additional important uses can be seen taking place in the model regions.

Positioning Baden-Wuerttemberg as an economic and scientific location

e-mobil BW initiates and coordinates various funding programmes and projects in the area of research and development. It works to develop the cluster and especially strengthens SMBs and suppliers in the technological change process. e-mobil BW is also in constant dialogue with national and international partners. The exchange with strong regions in Europe and around the world is strategically developed on an ongoing basis for the benefit of partners in the economic and scientific sectors. An important task of the regional agency is to link together stakeholders from the economic, scientific, and public authority sectors in the area of electric mobility.

Education, advanced and specialised training for forward-looking systems of mobility

The technological change process necessary to achieve modern mobility systems affects specialists in a wide range of occupations. e-mobil BW bolsters the development of specialists in Baden-Wuerttemberg, especially in the areas of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology. To do this it initiates various courses of study and specialised training and collaborates closely with many educational institutes in the state. It works to present the diverse educational options in a transparent way, to help provide easy access for interested people.

Communication and exchange of knowledge

e-mobil BW carries out press and public relations work targeted to specific groups. It presents and represents Baden-Wuerttemberg nationally and internationally as an important location for sustainable mobility, at trade fairs and exhibitions for the general public, for example. It also takes responsibility for the public relations work accompanying the projects of the major project networks. It promotes the exchange of knowledge between the scientific and economic sectors, among others by publishing its own studies and publications, and by organising various events. Through specific measures it addresses specialists (B2B) as well as ordinary people (B2C).  

With its activities e-mobil BW is working to achieve the implementation of area-wide electric mobility by 2020. The state should then be a prominent provider and important market for sustainable mobility – a good prospect for Baden-Wuerttemberg.