Education and qualification


Illustration with electrician and tool wagon - Illustration: (c) e-mobil BW / Gunter Rubin

Along the entire process chain, mobility of the future is being shaped by people from the widest range of professions. Natural scientists, engineers, merchants, specialists, tradespeople and many other professions are seeking the newest information in a variety of areas, ranging from science and development, production, sales and after-sales, to the field of recycling.

Modules for basic education or specialised training are initiated by e-mobil BW, and offered by the network’s education and specialised training institutions. Building on its past traditions, Baden-Wuerttemberg will remain an attractive location for education and specialised training in future in the field of modern mobility. This development will receive support from an excellent university and research environment, combined with an innovative commercial training sector.

For interested students the university environment in Baden-Wuerttemberg offers the largest selection in Germany in the field of sustainable mobility. This is the main result of the study “Academic qualification analysis in the educational environment from the point of view of sustainable mobility” [Akademische Qualifizierung Analyse der Bildungslandschaft im Zeichen von Nachhaltiger Mobilität], which was commissioned by e-mobil BW in 2012. 

Systems expertise – from tradespeople to engineers

The selection of courses offered in Baden-Wuerttemberg is distinguished not only by the fact that technical aspects are anchored in the courses offered, but also by the strong focus on systems expertise inherent in many of these courses.

The transition to electric mobility in particular offers an opportunity to continue to include the concept of innovation in many areas. Aside from the technical innovations themselves, there is also a need for answers to the question of which transportation concepts will even be acceptable in the society of the future. So it is essential that socio-scientific issues be studied, along with the technical ones.

Demand for specialists

In terms of the demand for specialists the courses of studies offered and the job profiles must constantly evolve. An increasingly larger target group must be informed about the growing variety on offer via a modern marketing concept. It must be made clear that educational content is not an end in itself, rather that this content is intended for the purpose of pursuing concrete goals, which should visibly generate economic and social added value.

Electric mobility achieves this economic and social added value, so it is a key element on the road to a society with a sustainable system of mobility.