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In order to successfully develop the technology needed for electric mobility, innovative ideas and projects from the industry, scientific and research sectors are essential. But when submitting such project ideas to obtain funding from government calls for proposals, they can only be successful if they satisfy certain conditions.

The providers of the funding expect a carefully thought-through and sound concept, based on a detailed analysis of the current state of the technology. In the case of industrial partners, it is usually expected that they make a financial contribution themselves. Similarly, in the case of project collaborations, the composition of the project consortium must be clearly settled. Once these conditions have been satisfied, the application process can begin in a suitable funding programme.

Numerous funding programmes on the federal, state and EU levels

The State of Baden-Württemberg, the relevant federal ministries and the European Union regularly announce suitable calls for proposals. Beyond that, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), there is a range of funding programmes for any branch and open to all kinds of technology, which accept applications on an ongoing basis.

Often the application procedures have a two-stage approach. First a sketch of the project is submitted, which provides an overview of the project goals, main technological challenges, and the planned approach of the project. If this sketch is accepted by the providers of the funding or the project organiser commissioned by the provider, the project consortium must then prepare a full, more comprehensive application. Once this is positively received, then there is actually nothing left to hinder the project funding.

Please note, however, that especially for project collaborations which involve different partners from the industry and scientific sectors it is always expected that a cooperation agreement be concluded. In the course of numerous projects this has shown itself to be a considerable obstacle. That is why it is recommended that project consortiums resolve the issue of such a cooperation agreement as early on as possible.

Sources of information on funding for sustainable mobility

Information on funding available in current calls for proposals can be found in our newsletter.