LivingLab Bwe mobil

LivingLab Bwe mobil

Table-top display stand with LivingLab BWe mobil flyer - photo: (c) e-mobil BW / KD Busch

In April 2012 the Federal Government selected four regions in Germany to act as “Showcase Regions for Electric Mobility". By decision of the German Parliament these receive support for the research and development of alternative drive technologies. The Federal Government has made a total of 180 million euros available in funding for the full showcase programme. In the large-scale regional demonstration and pilot projects, electric mobility is being tested in interaction with energy systems, vehicles and transport systems.  

More than 100 partners from business, science and public authorities

With their own funding, the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the region of Stuttgart provide additional support to the Baden-Wuerttemberg LivingLab BWe mobil electric mobility showcase. In LivingLab BWemobil more than 100 partners from business, science and public authorities are testing electric mobility in actual practice. In their activities the roughly 40 projects concentrate on the region of Stuttgart and the city of Karlsruhe, and promote the visibility of their work right up to the international level. The projects aim to put around 2000 electric vehicles on the road by 2015, and install more than 1000 charging stations. LivingLab BWe mobil is coordinated by the regional agency for electric mobility and fuel cell technology, e-mobil BW GmbH, and the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (WRS).

Inter-modal – linked internationally – close links to local communities and manufacturers

LivingLab BWe mobil offers a portrait of the various aspects of the electric mobility system. The projects are intermeshed and deal with nine central topics:

  • Intermodality
  • Fleets and commercial traffic
  • Energy, infrastructure and ICT
  • Living and electric mobility
  • Urban and transport planning
  • Vehicle technology
  • Communication and participation
  • Training and qualification
  • Interdisciplinary project research

Roadmap to sustainable mobility

LivingLab BWe mobil is an important chapter on the roadmap to sustainable mobility in Baden-Wuerttemberg. By the year 2020 we want to make Baden-Wuerttemberg a pioneer in the field of sustainable mobility and have all forms of electric mobility operating in the state, area-wide. The next few years offer Baden-Wuerttemberg a unique opportunity: market penetration in the framework of the showcase presents an opportunity to master and make our traffic volume more ecological.

Perfect complements: showcase and leading-edge cluster

In addition to the projects of the Showcase Region for Electric Mobility LivingLab BWe mobil, research is also being done in the context of the leading-edge cluster Electric Mobility South-West, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Here, in various projects on the industrialisation of electric mobility, around 80 partners are studying the enormous opportunities which the local area offers for the economy and jobs.

The effects of the showcase and the leading-edge cluster complement each other perfectly. They are the backbone of a pioneering regional development, of the essential transfer of knowledge to the SMBs, and for getting ordinary people involved. It is our goal with these and many more activities in Baden-Wuerttemberg to establish the right environment for sustainable mobility of the future, which allows ecological, social and economical needs to be combined in a harmonious way.