Wave Trophy 2014 - Guinness world record

A new world record for the show case electromobility in Baden-Württemberg: the previous official world record, as it stands in the Guinness Book of Records, has been clearly surpassed in Stuttgart with a procession of 481 fully electrically driven vehicles. The old record stood at 305 e-vehicles. On 31 May 2014, the impressive variety of e-mobile powertrains being currently researched by the show case LivingLab BWe mobil in Baden-Württemberg was revealed in a 3.5 kilometre parade winding from the Mercedes-Benz Museum around the Neckarpark to the festival grounds at the Wasen. The joint invitation to break the world record had been extended by the State Agency for Electromobility and Fuel Cell Technology Baden-Württemberg e-mobil BW and the world’s largest e-vehicle rallye WAVE with the Daimler AG as sponsor.