Funding offers for qualification

Funding offers for obtaining Qualifications

The ongoing process of technological change in the field of electric mobility and the changes in the development and production of future vehicles which will accompany it present enormous challenges, particularly for SMEs. Advice and coaching programmes provide these businesses with important points of reference to help them realign and exploit the new market opportunities in the field of electric mobility.

The State of Baden-Wuerttemberg funds such targeted advice and coaching programmes for small and medium-sized enterprises to make sure that the regional supplier industry will remain competitive in the long term. For example, the Ministry of Finance and Economy has made “Electric mobility, renewable energies and energy efficiency” a separate, key area in the funding programme for coaching. Eligible coaching programmes which aim to help SMEs exploit market opportunities and expand or specialise business activities can receive grants from the European Social Fund. More information can be found in the information resources of the European Social Fund in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Additionally, in collaboration with the Öko-Institut e.V., Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Ministry of Finance and Economy and e-mobil BW GmbH have initiated a programme to offer advice on the process of technological change in the field of electric mobility. Beginning in 2014 the programme will offer vouchers to small and medium-sized enterprises in Baden-Wuerttemberg, which will allow them to receive coaching from specially qualified advisors.