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Although market availability of electromobility vehicles in years
past was still quite low, a variety of different vehicle concepts from
the manufacturers promises to crucially change the automobile
landscape in coming years. In addition to other hybrid variants
(HEV), automotive manufacturers are particularly announcing nu-
merous models in the Plug-In Hybrid (PIHV) area, range extended
vehicles (REEV) and pure battery electric vehicles (BEV). In the
area of fuel cell vehicles (FCEV) still exhibits a very low level of
market availability over the coming years. Fig. 3 shows a summary
of some of the announcements made by vehicle manufacturers for
modified individual passenger transport, from a temporal perspec-
»We are working concurrently on different propulsion con-
cepts. Our goal is that the modules and components of the
different propulsion concepts overlap, so that they become
interchangeable and scalable. This is the only way to counter
the uncertain market development.«
Peter Froeschle, Director - Strategic Energy Projects &
Market Development for Fuel Cell and Battery Vehicles, Daimler AG
»In the future there will definitely be a great variety of propul-
sion technologies - certainly much to the regret of the auto-
mobile industry, since it must develop all the technologies in
parallel, and not just the two classic technologies, Otto engine
and diesel engine.«
Dr. Werner Tillmetz, Member of the Managing Board – Electrochemical
Storage Technologies, Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research,
Baden-Württemberg (ZSW)).
Fig. 3 A selection of current and planned electric vehicle concepts
3 Authors’ own illustration
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