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5 Authors’ own illustration
In addition to energy density there are further factors that must
be considered in the selection of a suitable energy source. These
include: Power density, safety, service life, cyclic stability, usable
capacity (Depth-of-Discharge, DoD), self-discharge rate and, na-
turally, the cost. Each type of energy storage device has specific
advantages and disadvantages [Oertal (2008)]. Thus, it is clear that
currently there is not just one energy storage device, but rather
various storage devices that can exploit their respective advan-
tages in different areas. Fig. 6 presents a summary of the essen-
tial advantages and disadvantages of different energy storage
devices and their possibilities for further development. Due to its
relevance in the automotive sector, lithium battery technology will
be discussed in more detail, following the summary.
Fig. 5 Comparison of gravimetric energy density of different sources
Chapter 2