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Oil price per barrel ($)
25 BCG (2009) I Assumptions: Annual kilometrage: 14,500 km and no changes in the taxation model. The calculation contains an analysis of the depreciation of the vehicle, gasoline costs,
power consumption, battery costs, value added taxes and CO
-based taxes; insurance and maintenance costs were not considered.
26 Author’s own research, see manufacturer’s information, Renault; net prices; assumptions; Gasoline costs 1.35
/l, electricity costs, 17 ct/kWh, kilometrage 10,000 km/year
Fig. 23: 5-year TCO for five different vehicles (purchased in 2020 and driven 14,500 km per year in Germany)
Fig. 24: Cost comparison - Renault Fluence Z.E. (battery-electric) and Renault Fluence Dynamique (Otto engine)