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In 2010, in all of Germany, approximately 3.3 million vehicles were
registered, from a total population of 45 million vehicles. There
were approximately 450,000 new registrations in the state of Ba-
den-Württemberg, for a population of approx. 7 million vehicles.
In the area „new registrations of electric vehicles“ (pure electric
propulsion and hybrid propulsion) the number of newly registe-
red passenger vehicles in Germany increased by approximately
30 percent compared with the previous year, to more than 11,000
vehicles [Kraftfahrtbundesamt (2011a)].
In this regard, the state of Baden-Württemberg achieved the high-
est growth, in a comparison of all the states, for registrations of
pure electric passenger vehicles. Approximately one of every five
electrically powered vehicles was registered in Baden-Württem-
berg. For hybrid vehicles, Baden-Württemberg takes third place
behind the states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria [Kraft-
fahrtbundesamt (2011a)].
Fig. 32 shows the development of „alternative vehicle concepts“
based on new registrations from previous years. The total populati-
on of electric and hybrid passenger vehicles in Germany as a whole
is approximately 39,600 vehicles. Baden-Württemberg’s share of
these vehicles is over 5,300 units [Kraftfahrtbundesamt (2011b)].
37 Author’s own illustration I Kraftfahrtbundesamt (2011a)
Fig. 32: Comparison of new registrations of electric and hybrid personal passenger vehicles