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Over the period considered, for the small vehicle a cost reduction
of approximately 5,000 euros occurs, and for the large vehicle a
cost reduction of approx. 16,000 euros occurs; this can primarily
be attributed to the low manufacturing costs of the traction bat-
tery, the electric machine, and the power electronics. Compared
to equivalent passenger vehicles with a conventional combustion
engine, in the year 2020 there will still be a difference in the ma-
nufacturing costs of approximately 4,800 euros (small vehicle) and
8,500 euros (large vehicle) based on the underlying calculation
To enable an overview of possible changes in global market volume
(on the basis of manufacturing costs) relative to the specific sensi-
tive components of the present status, until the year 2020, current
and future possible sales figures for automobiles were used based
on the respective propulsion concept (see chapter 2.4.1), and mul-
tiplied by the determined component costs (present/future) of the
respective vehicle concepts. The difference between the present
„market volume“ of a component and the future estimate equals
the change in the market for the respective components and thus
allows conclusions to be drawn with regard to the employment
effects in this area. These global effects will be
Fig. 35: Comparison of changes in the manufacturing costs of battery electric vehicles
43 Author’s own illustration