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Because Baden-Württemberg is considered as today’s technology
leader for combustion engines, there are now questions concer-
ning the extent to which the job potential shown in the analysis, in
the „new“ components can be realized in the future and whether
the existing world market share of Baden-Württemberg enterpri-
ses can continue to be realized.
The current situation for the planned manufacturing of electric
machines permits the assumption that the majority of these com-
ponents, under some circumstances, will not be manufactured in
Baden-Württemberg. The newly-founded joint venture between
the Baden-Württemberg companies, Bosch and Daimler, will
presumably start production of electric motors for the automo-
tive sector in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony [Automobil Produktion
(2011c)]. Moreover, in the sector of high-quality automatic and
hybrid transmissions, for example, the ZF Group will increase its
foreign investments to meet the market requirements in the res-
pective countries [Automobil Produktion (2011d)].
49 Author’s own illustration
Fig. 38: Potential employment effects in Baden-Württemberg in 2020