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Transmission technology, in particular, offers new fields of appli-
cation in the area of parallel hybrid or power-split hybrid vehicles.
Baden-Württemberg companies are working on innovative solu-
tions in this area including, for example ZF Friedrichshafen AG,
the third-largest supplier to the automobile industry in Germany.
ZF is active in the area of hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles.
LuK, as a Schaeffler Group company, is also active in the areas of
development, manufacturing, and sale of transmissions, as is the
Getrag Corporate Group in Untergruppenbach.
Lightweight vehicle construction is a key technology for energy-
saving and low-emission vehicles. In Baden-Württemberg there
are many recognized research institutes and a number of com-
panies that are active in this field, particularly with regard to
weight reduction in vehicle manufacturing and also in the area of
electromobility, in particular. The DLR, the Fraunhofer Institute for
Chemical Technology (ICT), the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology
and the University of Stuttgart have been working closely together
for several years at the Competence Centre for Automotive Light-
Weight Solutions (KFL). The Innovation cluster KITe hyLITE at the
Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology in Pfinztal, with more
than 30 partners from research and industry, places its focus on
researching new technologies for hybrid lightweight vehicle con-
struction. The core KITe hyLITE team consists of three institutes
of the Fraunhofer organization (ICT, IWM and LBF) and four ins-
titutes of the KIT. On the company side, in addition to the three
OEMs headquartered in Baden-Württemberg (Daimler, Porsche
and Audi) the broadly based supplier industry and numerous in-
novative small and medium-size machine-tool companies are also
integrated [Fahrzeugleichtbau (2011)].
The „Alliance for Fiber-Based Materials – Baden-Württemberg“
(AFBW) as a cross-industry network, is a platform for exchange and
Fig. 40: A selection of participants in the electrified drivetrain sector
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