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The FKFS of the University of Stuttgart, KIT, the Fraunhofer IAO, the
Fraunhofer ICT and the ZSW are active in the area of research. In
2011 the research charging station, ELITE, was placed in service
by the FKFS. In addition, research is also underway in the area of
inductive charging [FKFS (2011)]. Among other things, KIT is in-
volved in the MeRegio and Smart Home projects focusing on the
topics of grid integration of electric vehicles. The Fraunhofer IAO
is erecting a total of 30 charging stations and a fast charging sta-
tion for research purposes in the employee parking facility for the
Institute center.
Fig. 43: A selection of participants in the charging infrastructure sector
56 Authors‘ own illustration
When more vehicles are on the market, the extension of
charging columns will develop successively. However, the mu-
nicipalities must now provide the boundary conditions for the
expansion of a supply infrastructure in the medium-term. To do
this, areas must be designated and made available to possible
operators at favorable costs. This involves clarification of legal
issues and thus is highly time-intensive.
Manfred Müller, Department Manager - Industry and Transport,
IHK Region Stuttgart
Chapter 4