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• In the EleNA project (Electric Propulsion Retrofit kits for Diesel
Delivery Vehicles) several smaller automobile suppliers from
the region are developing an electric propulsion retrofit kit.
This kit enables retrofitting of conventional small delivery vans
to hybrid propulsion
• Currently in Ludwigsburg 15 electrically propelled vehicles are
deployed in the fleet of the municipal administration. The goal
of this field trial is to investigate whether the mobility require-
ment of a municipal administration can be covered with diffe-
rent types of electric vehicles (passenger vehicles, small vans,
electric scooters, pedelecs and segways).
• At the Böblingen/Sindelfingen airfield, a test was executed to
determine how electromobility can influence the development
of a city district.
• By the end of 2011, the bicycle rental system of Deutsche Bahn
AG (Call a Bike) will be equipped with 100 Pedelecs. These can
be rented at 45 terminals.
• Porsche has built 3 electric Boxsters, to test the durability of
batteries, the charge and discharge cycles, the range and ac-
In addition to projects within the DMVBS funded model region, Ba-
den-Württemberg project consortia have also been able to place
significant funding projects in the fields of vehicles, information
and communication technology and energy in the programs of the
BMWi with the projects MeRegio and MeRegioMobil [MeRegio-
Mobil (2011a)], and in projects of the BMU with the Future Fleet
project [Future Fleet (2011)]. Thus in the MeRegioMobil project the
establishment and operation of an intelligent charging and reco-
very infrastructure for electric vehicles is being driven forward
with up to 600 charging points. In the FutureFleet project, SAP
uses approx. 30 electric vehicles in its own fleet and researches
the intelligent management of these vehicles.
The fleet test, CROME (Crossborder Mobility for EVs), funded by
BMVBS and BMWi, is designed to demonstrate cross-border
electromobility. For this project, by the end of 2013, approximately
100 purely electrically propelled vehicles will be deployed in the
German/French border area. The goals include testing of charging
in a foreign country, analysis of charge behavior and evaluation of
customer acceptance.
The state of Baden-Württemberg is sponsoring a companion study
to the project „ZUMO – Future Mobility in the Black Forest Vaca-
tion Region“. The object of the study is to determine the potential
of sustainable mobility in tourism to compensate for revenue los-
ses that occur due to the climate change. Fig. 44 presents a sum-
mary of current and planned research projects and demonstration
projects in Baden-Württemberg.
Fig. 44: Summary of current and planned research projects and demonstration projects in Baden-Württemberg
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