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In the structure study, „BW
mobile 2011“, secondary data research
(technology studies, market scenarios, project reports, press re-
lease, etc.) as well as interviews with experts from industry and
science, have been brought together to analyze the expected ef-
fects and the positioning of Baden-Württemberg in the technology
field of electromobility. To accomplish this task, the existing data
basis of the preceding structure study, BW
mobile, was extensi-
vely reviewed, updated and extended with new, relevant topics.
Within the framework of the summary consideration it is clear that:
• The change toward an electromobile society is advancing with
major steps and with this change new challenges arise for the
participants in the automobile value creation chain.
• Electromobility must be systemically thought through and a
knowledge transfer between companies and research institu-
tions must begin taking place today and include the relevant
industries, automobile, ICT and energy.
• Optimal exploitation of future employment potential can only be
achieved in the state of Baden-Württemberg if essential shares
of the „electromobile“ value creation chain are ensured within
the state. These extend from production of essential compo-
nents to market introduction of the end product.
• The basis for the future competitive capacity of Baden-Würt-
temberg is qualification of medium-sized businesses. This can
only happen if small and medium-sized companies in the state
can actively profit from the long-term planning of large com-
panies and thus can autonomously participate in shaping the
change to electromobility.
The changes in the automobile value creation chain and the chal-
lenges, such as ensuring considerable value creation shares, are
offset by numerous opportunities that can be seized by industry
based in the state. New value creation potential exists at the com-
ponent level in the areas of the electric machine, power electro-
nics and, in particular, in the area of the traction battery.
The state of Baden-Württemberg is well positioned due to its
unique structures in the sectors that are relevant for electromobi-
lity. For the positioning and attractiveness of Baden-Württemberg
as a location for research, development and production of elec-
tromobile systems, it will be critical for success to bring together
the numerous available enterprises that are leaders in their field,
research institutions and educational institutions in a functioning
cluster. Such a cluster with participants who cooperate in all pre-
competitive subject areas with mutual trust, a short line to state
politicians, and including all the value creation stages and sectors
concerned, can unfold a unique penetration power.
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