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Chapter 1
Looking back over the last two years, it is evident that the topic
of „electromobility“ is picking up speed. At IAA 2011 a separate
exhibition hall was devoted to the theme of electromobility. All the
major automotive manufacturers attended, presenting a broad pa-
lette of the most varied vehicle concepts for the coming years;
there were also concept vehicles that enabled a more extended
look into the future. The underlying technology shift away from
motor vehicles with conventional propulsion toward alternative,
and in this case electrified, propulsion concepts will lead to a
number of changes.
Alongside the newly required materials and production processes,
there will also be changes in the qualifications and education con-
tent required by prospective employees, for example. The struc-
ture of the previous value creation chain will be extended, with
new participants. For example, an abundance of business models,
ranging between those of „old“ companies and those of entirely
new companies, can be observed in the market, for example in the
area of battery cell manufacturing. Moreover, aspects, such as in-
formation and communication technology for vehicles, infrastruc-
tural work content and the associated new market opportunities
are becoming the centre of attention. Whereas previously such
topics only received rudimentary consideration, now the resulting
challenges facing electromobility in the course of the pending
change must be solved and the solutions implemented.
For the „automobile state” of Baden-Württemberg in particu-
lar, this type of upheaval must be viewed as a major challenge -
even though from the current perspective this upheaval is still
quite slow in starting up. To maintain its leading position in the
future, the anticipated effects of electromobility on automobile va-
lue creation must be detected and the associated opportunities
and risks for the state must be identified. Consequently, within the
framework of this Structure Study 2011, which is a revision of the
preceding Study (2009/2010), the following questions will be the
focus of consideration:
• What technological fundamentals and development paths
• What contribution to competitive capacity can the production
technology offer?
• What new fields of activity arise?
• How will the markets, as well as the production costs of „new
drivetrain components“ develop?
• What market potential will arise in the area of alternative pro-
pulsion concepts?
• How is the automobile industry structured in Baden-Württem-
• What effects does electromobility have on the value creation
structure and employment structure?
• What participants, competences, clusters and initiatives exist
in Baden-Württemberg in the area of electromobility?
In this regard, in addition to extensive secondary research, a lar-
ge number of personal interviews and telephone interviews were
conducted with industry and research experts. The statements
and opinions of the persons interviewed are emphasized in these
chapters and thus permit greater insight into the respective topics.