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Interview with expert Jürgen Dispan
Project Director and Scientific researcher
Research in the areas: Civic and regional development, cluster projects/
industry projects, regional politics and business development.
IMU Institute, conducted on 08/11/2011
Interview with expert Peter Froeschle
Director Strategic Energy Projects & Market Development
Fuel Cell/Battery Vehicles.
Daimler AG, conducted on 09/21/2011
Interview with expert Dr. Andreas Gutsch
Project Director Competence E at the KIT,
Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT), conducted on 09/05/2011
Interview with expert Heiko Herchet
Director of the Electromobility Competence Center
EDAG Group, conducted on 08/15/2011
Interview with expert Jürgen Jost
Division Director, Research & Development
Dürr Systems GmbH, conducted on 08/17/2011
Interview with expert Martin Kreuter,
Corporate Development, New Business – Industry Innovation
Bayer MaterialScience, conducted on 08/10/2011
Interview with expert Prof. Dr. -Ing. Gisela Lanza
Management Board, WBK Institute for Production Technology
Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) conducted on 08/09/2011
Interview with expert Manfred Müller
Department Director - Department of Industry and Traffic
IHK Region Stuttgart, conducted on 09/06/2011
Interview with expert Marco Piffaretti
Managing Director
Protoscar SA, conducted on 09/14/2011
Interview with expert Dr. Stefan Senitz
Consultant -Technology, Responsible for Technology at the Baden-Würt-
temberg IHKs,
IHK Karlsruhe, conducted on 08/26/2011
Interview with expert Dr. Werner Tillmetz
Member the Management Board – Electrochemical Storage Technologies
Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und WasserstoffForschung Baden-Württem-
berg (ZSW) conducted on 09/21/2011
Interview with expert Sebastian Wider
CEO SW-Engineering Services
SW-Engineering GmbH, conducted on 08/19/2011