Aside from strategy consulting, Ricardo is a
leader in product innovations, technology, en-
gineering, prototyping and small-series produc-
tion. We work for a large number of truly diverse
customers, all of them with very individual re-
quirements, at our state-of-the-art technology
centres in Europe, the USA and Asia. Ricardo
operates in various sectors, such as passenger
cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, con-
struction, agricultural and industrial vehicles,
marine, defence, rail traffic and motor sports. Ri-
cardo contributes its comprehensive experience
in hybrid and plug-in technology, lightweight
motor design and vehicle optimisation to the de-
velopment of electric vehicles. Examples of this
are the development of a serial range extender,
integrated start-stop systems on a 48 V basis for
passenger cars and numerous electric drives for
a wide range of applications. Power-train engi-
neering on a system-integrated level accomplish
synergies in terms of thermal and acoustic char-
acteristics. It boosts the efficiency of the whole
system and reduces design costs as well as the
cost of testing important components. This in-
cludes development projects for electric motors,
power electronics, battery systems, transmis-
sions and mechanical energy storage systems
ricardo – innovation and technology since 1915
Dr. David Gagliardi
Phone: +49 7171 9821 0
Fax: +49 7171 9821 400
Ricardo Deutschland GmbH
Gueglingstrasse 66
73529 Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
Year of establishment:
1915 in UK
2,300 (2012)
EUR 270 million (2012)
Your premium partner in the development of hybrid and electric vehicles
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