Winfried Kretschmann
Minister-President of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg
Baden-Wuerttemberg is focusing on environ-
mental and climate-friendly mobility for the
future. In this process electric mobility and
alternative drive research are leading the way.
This makes the cooperation of key industries
– automotive, energy, production, information
and communication technology – especially
important. On the long term, this will strength-
en Baden-Wuerttemberg as an industrial lo-
cation. However, we also need to improve the
diverse research and educational landscape of
Baden-Wuerttemberg by continually adapting it
to the new technologies.
On the way to future mobility, e-mobil BW, the
State Agency for Electric Mobility and Fuel Cell
Technology, plays a central role. It is the point
of contact for all questions surrounding electric
mobility in Baden-Wuerttemberg, and brings
together stakeholders from industry, science
and research as well as public authorities.
This source book of electric mobility can be
utilised to tighten existing networks or form
new ones. It provides information about general
activities and introduces companies, research
institutions, universities and universities of Ap-
plied Sciences working in this area. Providing
a comprehensive overview of relevant regional
players from Baden-Wuerttemberg, it is an im-
portant source for future cooperation and busi-
ness opportunities.
May all readers discover new ideas and gain
new insights exploring e-mobility in Baden-
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