The scalable fuel cell without the bipolar plates
component is new and innovative: within certain
limits and levels, stack current and voltage can
be adapted to the application so that the famil-
iar bipolar plate may be omitted. A lami-
nate-based cooling and media module is ap-
plied in place of bipolar plates. This allows more
freedom in the design of fuel cells, and provides
new technical and, above all, economical op-
tions previously unimaginable. The overall sys-
tem benefits if, with equal stack performance,
the current is only 80 instead of 250 ampere, for
instance, and if a stack voltage of 1000 volts or
more is achieved in a local high-voltage grid.
This results in lower costs for the fuel cell pe-
ripherals (NT or HT-PEM), conductors, convert-
ers and actors (electric machines, for example).
Parasitic losses are minimised: depending on
fuel cell design, an almost stoichiometric opera-
tion is made possible when the lower cost of
operation is the goal. According to the state of
technology, base and volume of a stack amount
to approximately 70 per cent of a system. The
product (stack) was designed for serial produc-
tion; only reliably functioning technologies using
stable and robust processes are used. Fuel cells
and electrolyser stacks can be produced on one
production line, for mobile and stationary appli-
fuel cell Without a Bipolar plate
Scalable stack current and voltage
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