Battery health for the Battery
Dr. Peter Ambros
Phone: +49 7121 696275 10
Fax: +49 7121 696275 99
TheSys GmbH is an independent engineering
services provider that designs cooling systems,
air conditioning systems and heat exchangers.
TheSys covers the entire field of thermal man-
agement in vehicle, railway, marine and industrial
TheSys assists and advises customers in the
design and assessment of cooling systems and
related operational strategies on site. This includes
the design and layout of cooling and air condition-
ing system components, the design of new heat
exchangers in line with customer requirements,
the supply of battery coolers in small series and
measurements with heat exchangers and cooling
systems. We also conduct vehicle testing and fail-
ure analyses for radiators, including tests regard-
ing the ageing of coolants.
We support e-mobility by supplying battery cool-
ers and designing battery cooling systems,
especially low-temperature cycles, chillers and
cold/heat stores. Our battery coolers feature
extremely good surface temperature homogeneity
of less than 1 Kelvin. This homogeneity of tem-
perature distribution in the cell contact area
does not involve any loss of heating capacity or
pressure loss. In addition, our battery coolers are
extremely slim and light. With our thermodynamic
simulation method, we analyse hybrid and elec-
tric vehicles under transient driving conditions.
This identifies the temperatures within a battery
at any given point of time.
TheSys GmbH
Einhornstrasse 10
72138 Kirchentellinsfurt, Germany
Year of establishment:
9 (2013)
EUR 1,140.000 (2012)
Thermal management for battery cells – a job for battery coolers and radiator systems
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