As an established engineering partner for the
automotive and aerospace industry, Thys-
sen-Krupp System Engineering became involved
with battery technology in 2010. In the new busi-
ness area ‘Battery Plant Technologies’, founded
in Hohenstein-Ernstthal in Saxony, automatic as-
sembly equipment is being developed and built
for both the manufacturing of Li-Ion cells and the
assembling of modules and battery packs. Also,
system solutions for the quality assurance and
performance testing of these products are be-
ing offered. Significant orders have already been
placed both nationally and internationally. Thys-
senKrupp System Engineering is thus a turnkey
system supplier covering all areas of the manu-
facturing process of Li-Ion batteries. Production
technologies for lithium-ion batteries are among
the central research and development areas at
ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions. A technical
centre has therefore been founded in Pleissa
near Chemnitz to examine these assembly and
manufacturing steps.
ThyssenKrupp System Engineering is an inter-
nationally acting affiliate of ThyssenKrupp AG,
a system partner for all important components
of the car body and power-train process chains
in the automotive industry. The new business
portfolios include automation solutions for elec-
trical storage and drive systems, solutions for
innovative lightweight designs, as well as plants
and test systems for the aviation industry. Thys-
sen-Krupp System Engineering is a strong and
reliable partner to its customers, optimising their
value-added chain and strengthening their effi-
Battery plant technologies
Plant automation for battery assembly
ThyssenKrupp System
Engineering GmbH
Weipertstrasse 37
74076 Heilbronn, Germany
Year of establishment:
3,600 (worldwide)
EUR 850 million (2012)
Holger Gritzka
Phone: +49 3723 62 334
Fax: +49 3723 62 288
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