The efficient and sustainable transport of people
and goods and unlimited mobility of the individual
are the focus of TransEnergyPartners.
This being our goal, we provide consulting ser-
vices to companies, from the development of
sustainable business models and product and
process definitions to their operative realisation.
In addition, we provide support for restructuring
sales organisations and deliver future-oriented
solutions for IT infrastructures.
Our team of experts is not only able to control
and implement individual projects as external
partners but also to develop complex cross-
system and cross-structural initiatives.
We are the specialists when it comes to prepar-
ing and launching battery-driven vehicles for the
market. This includes of course the relevant
renewable energy charging infrastructure. We
supply decentralised IT management solutions
for automated parking and charging, vehicle
communication and smart grid applications.
When Prof. Johann Tomforde joined the company
in 2013, electric mobility and infrastructure de-
velopment became our key focus. In the capacity
of project coordinator, in 2013 we were award-
ed the AUTOPLES – automated parking and
electric vehicles recharging – project sponsored
by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
thinK ahead in moBility and energy
TransEnergyPartners GmbH
Hirschstrasse 14
70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Year of establishment:
7 (2013)
Marc Meiling
Phone: +49 711 652904 39
Fax: +49 711 652904 21
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