Franz Loogen
Managing Director of e-mobil BW GmbH
Dr. Walter Rogg
Managing Director of Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH
Sustainable mobility of the future must meet
three key requirements: it must be ecological,
economical and also social. To turn this holistic
approach into practice, the system of electric
mobility must be presented and explored in its
complex entirety. In addition to the electrifica-
tion of the drive-train, this includes the devel-
opment of intermodal mobility concepts that
can be controlled intelligently and are tightly
linked to a sustainable energy supply. The new
edition of the source book of electric mobili-
ty reflects this holistic approach: it presents
the diverse spectrum of activities surrounding
electric mobility in Baden-Wuerttemberg along
the entire value-adding chain – from bicycle
and motorcycle, to passenger car and commer-
cial vehicle.
In Germany and Europe, Baden-Wuerttemberg
and the Stuttgart Region are pioneers in elec-
tric mobility. ‘Electric Mobility Pilot Region’, the
‘Leading-edge cluster Electric Mobility South-
West’ and the ‘Showcase Region for Electric
Mobility LivingLab BW
mobil’ are only a few
examples of the large-scale research projects
sponsored by the federal government. These
are being realised with the support of the
State of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the Stutt-
gart Region, which will help electric mobility
gain even more momentum. e-mobil BW and
WRS coordinate all these electric mobility pro-
ject activities jointly.
This comprehensive source book presents
Baden-Wuerttemberg stakeholders in the area
of electric mobility. We would like to thank all
the parties involved for their work.
The future of mobility has already begun. It is
now up to us to shape it.
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