TWT GmbH Science & Innovation offers a crea-
tive, far-sighted approach combined with critical
attention to detail – across the entire portfolio,
including engineering, software development,
consulting and research. The company was
formed in 1986 in Stuttgart, and now has facil-
ities in Stuttgart, Munich, Friedrichshafen and
Ingolstadt. Our focus remains the same: to turn
something good into something even better.
TWT applies a holistic methodology to electric
mobility. Our core competencies are energy man-
agement for the entire vehicle, operating strate-
gy and driving behaviour. We are involved in a
wide variety of projects: we assess consumption,
comfort and heat management, and we optimise
battery systems and power electronics. Our in-
terdisciplinary approach enables us to take indi-
vidual processes and technologies, and to apply
them to an OEM’s entire vehicle fleet. Modelling
and simulation of relevant aspects of e-vehicles
are also part of our activities, as well as technol-
ogy assessments and IT solutions. Furthermore,
TWT is involved in the BMWi-funded research
projects iZEUS and Shared E-Fleet. In addition
to the implementation of a range forecasting
for electric vehicles and charging optimisation
of vehicle fleets, TWT also realises cloud-based
software architecture for safe fleet management.
TWT stands for the rapid translation of scientific
insights into real-world products and services of
exceptionally high quality, delivered via two divi-
sions, Information Technologies and Engineering
Technologies. Our pioneering role was confirmed
in 2012 and 2013 when we took first place in
the category ‘Innovation’ in the Top Automotive
Industry Employers’ Award organised by the Top
Employers Institute.
innovation is What drives our Business
Dr. Stephan Blankenburg
TWT GmbH Science & Innovation
Ernsthaldenstrasse 17
70565 Stuttgart, Germany
Year of establishment:
230 (2012)
Engineering and IT competence for tomorrow’s mobility
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