With more than 5,000 students and 150 profes-
sors, Hochschule Aalen is among the leading
research-driven universities of applied sciences
in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The Advanced Materi-
als and Manufacturing division conducts R&D
projects in the field of e-mobility in cooperation
with renowned regional and national enterpris-
es. At the Institute of Material Research new
magnetic phases are isolated and further ana-
lysed and the ageing process of lithium-ion bat-
teries characterised in great detail. In the area of
light-weight construction, the Aalen Casting
Technology division has established innovative
metal die- casting technologies functionally inte-
grating electronic components as well as meth-
ods for producing hybrid materials. In the field of
power electronics, new types of copper graphite
composites for commutators and new electric
drives are developed. In addition, interdiscipli-
nary approaches for the thermal management of
the entire vehicle are followed up. The Hoch-
schule Aalen participates in the BMBF-funded
research consortium ‘Scalable drive and axle
modules for e-mobility’ and the IGF network for
the development of novel magnets in electric
drives. ZAFH SPANTEC-light, a recently estab-
lished research network coordinated by Hoch-
schule Aalen, focuses on carbon-fibre-reinforced
lightweight materials. Furthermore, a chair was
recently established for e-mobility as well as an
in-service master degree programme for e-mobil-
ity, coordinated by the Hochschulföderation Süd-
West network.
neW technologies for electric moBility
Hochschule Aalen –
Technik und Wirtschaft
Beethovenstrasse 1
73430 Aalen, Germany
Year of establishment:
464 (2013)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Moritz Gretzschel
Phone: +49 7361 576 2516
Fax: +49 7361 576 2270
Power for the region of Eastern Wuerttemberg
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