Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reiner Kriesten
Phone: +49 721 925 1747
The research campus of energy-efficient mobil-
ity, established in 2012 on the site of the former
International University in Bruchsal near Karls-
ruhe, is a constantly growing R&D cooperation.
It is the goal of the research campus to foster
a common centre for efficient mobility. Partici-
pants are the Hochschule Karlsruhe, represent-
ed by the IEEM institute (Institute of Energy Effi-
cient Mobility), industry, and research partners.
The type and manner of cooperation is individ-
ually organised and depends on various factors.
This addresses small and medium-sized enter-
prises, as well as larger suppliers and OEMs.
The Hochschule Karlsruhe’s IEEM institute
specifically concentrates on the functional
development of mobility systems, and energy
systems of mobility as a whole. Due to the con-
tinually increasing integration of functions and
intelligence in vehicles and its connectivity, the
necessary skills for energy efficiency are inter-
disciplinary and being addressed by the IEEM
by three of its professors, especially in the
fields of functional and software development,
in electronics, e-drives and power-train con-
cepts. In addition, the tight cooperation with the
master studies ‘Sustainable mobility for auto-
motive engineering’ at the University of Applied
Sciences, Karlsruhe, leads to a suitable concept
to integrate students and young professionals
at the research campus.
energy-efficient moBility research campus
R&D network for science and industry
Institute of Energy Efficient Mobility
Moltkestrasse 30
76133 Karlsruhe, Germany
Year of establishment:
approx. 15 (2013)
Development of e-motor controller electronic, Photograph: Muntean/Christ
Miniature e-car, Photograph: Muntean/Christ
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