It is not only the electrification of the drive-
train that moves the automobile, ICT and ener-
gy sectors forward. User behaviour is chang-
ing too. Today, owning a car is not considered
so important any more. An early indicator of
this is the decrease over recent years of the
number of younger buyers of cars, while at the
same time the number of carsharing users has
strongly increased (see Figure 4).
Industry has recognised this trend: Daimler
has taken the first step from producer to
mobility service provider with its car2go car-
sharing service (
). Estab-
lished carsharing providers, Stadtmobil and
Deutsche Bahn for example, have started
integrating electric vehicles into their vehicle
fleets. This development provides opportuni-
ties for new operation and business models in
the individual but shared mobility sector. New
potentials for shared resource mobility surface
in the area of mobility services and operating
models, which, in the case of electric vehicles,
also extends to include infrastructure. Vehicle
manufacturers, utility companies, car rental
companies and new ‘mobility integrators’ can
take the position of the mobility service pro-
We have only started on our way to fu-
ture-proof, sustainable and intelligent mo-
bility. This requires a major change of view
and offers great opportunities, but bears
risks for all parties involved. With many initi-
atives and a great commitment to e-mobility,
Baden-Wuerttemberg has secured an excel-
lent starting position for itself. The following
pages will provide you with an overview of
the most important activities, for example the
‘Leading-edge cluster Electric Mobility South-
West’ , the ‘Showcase Region for Electric Mo-
bility LivingLab BW
mobil’ and the ‘Electric
Mobility Pilot Region’ projects.
Figure 3: Potential effects on employment in Baden-Wuerttemberg by 2020 (Source: Structure Study BW
mobil 2011 –
Baden-Wuerttemberg on the way to electric mobility)
Figure 4: Development of vehicle ownership and carsharing use 2000–2010 (Source: Structure Study BW
mobil 2011 –
Baden-Wuerttemberg on the way to electric mobility)
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