Regional clusters, networks and initiatives – drivers of innovation par excellence
Baden-Wuerttemberg – pilot region for electricmobility
Mobility is a basic requirement. And future-
proof mobility solutions are a good gauge
for life quality. Sustainable mobility solutions
therefore provide great potential for all of those
involved in the development of these solu-
tions. Ever since research in this area began,
Baden-Wuerttemberg has been at the forefront
promoting the transfer of knowledge between
research and industry, thus contributing to the
development of joint cross-industry solutions
and approaches. With both of its e-mobili-
ty initiatives – Elektromobilität I and II – the
state’s government will have invested about
EUR 80 million in structural programmes and
projects by 2015 to support the transition from
combustion via hybrid to electric and fuel-
cell-powered vehicles. Baden-Wuerttemberg
presents itself as both an important stakehold-
er and significant market for these latest tech-
nologies in Germany and all over the world.
State Agency for Electric Mobility and Fuel
Cell Technology in Baden-Wuerttemberg
At the core of the state initiative is e-mobil BW
GmbH, the State Agency for Electric Mobility
and Fuel Cell Technology in Baden-Wuert-
temberg. Topmost goal of this initiative is to
demonstrate the practical use of electric mo-
bility, and to make it visible and tangible. To
achieve this, the state initiative implements
measures to promote research and knowl-
edge transfer, and support the procurement of
electric vehicles, the development of the re-
quired infrastructure and the establishment of
demonstration projects in rural areas.
Figure 1: Examples of research and development projects in Baden-Wuerttemberg (in 2013)
Chapter 2
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