Leading-edge cluster
Electric Mobility South-West
With its more than 80 members from indus-
try, universities and research institutions, the
‘Leading-edge cluster Electric Mobility South-
West’, founded in 2008, is one of the most
significant regional e-mobility networks within
Europe. It is the cluster’s goal to advance the
industrialisation of electric mobility in Germa-
ny, and make Baden-Wuerttemberg a major
supplier of e-mobile solutions. In 2012, it was
among the five winners of the Leading-Edge
Cluster competition held by the Federal Min-
istry of Education and Research (BMBF). This
BMBF competition awards EUR 40 million to
winners to be used for research projects. The
‘Leading-edge cluster Electric Mobility South-
West’ will use it for the development of electric
vehicles, production systems, charging tech-
nology and IT solutions for serial production.
This worldwide unique cooperation between
leading region-based vehicle manufacturers,
suppliers, utility companies, ITC organisations
and mechanical engineering companies is the
perfect basis for the development and pro-
duction of top products. In addition, top-class
universities and research institutions within
the cluster transfer the required education and
knowledge. The cluster therefore supports the
implementation of the federal government’s
high-tech strategy in this area. e-mobil BW
GmbH – the State Agency for Electric Mobil-
ity and Fuel Cell Technology – is responsible
for managing the cluster and, with its modern
approach of methodical project management,
supports the cluster’s activities.
cyber motor
virtual test driving
Figure 2: The diverse partner landscape of the ‘Leading-edge cluster Electric Mobility South-West’ (examples)
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