As early as 2010, partners from industry, sci-
ence and politics agreed to promote e-mobility
as their contribution to ‘intelligent mobility’ and
launched the SmarterCity Karlsruhe initiative.
eMobilitätszentrum Karlsruhe is a key partner
within the SmarterMobility/intelligent mobility
component of the SmarterCity initiative.
eMobilitätszentrum Karlsruhe provides informa-
tion about the entire value-adding chain of e-mo-
bility. From energy generation to services around
the world of research and vehicles already on
the market with two, three or four wheels.
In addition, it showcases projects involving the
Karlsruhe region.
Goal No. 1: Promoting B2B synergies
– Sharing
the same location results in synergies for com-
mon projects and activities. The spatial bundling
of the stakeholders works as a catalyst here.
First co-operations have already been formed.
Joint events as well as events organised by the
Automotive Engineering Network support this
Goal No. 2: B2C e-mobility to touch and test
– The purpose of eMobilitätszentrum is to allow
‘users’ or customers to touch and experience
electric mobility (vehicles, infrastructure, usabili-
ty), to provide a clear picture of the rather diffuse
topic of e-mobility to the public. Almost all vehi-
cles can be tested, rented or purchased on site.
Hands-on e-mobility
maKe tomorroW’s smart city availaBle today
eMobilitätszentrum Karlsruhe
Heinrich-Wittmann-Strasse 23
76131 Karlsruhe, Germany
Year of establishment:
Uwe Timrott
Phone: +49 721 133 7345
Fax: +49 7721 133 7309
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