Application-oriented funding projects
Electric Mobility Pilot Regions
In addition to the leading-edge cluster com-
petition, the federal government provides sev-
eral other application-oriented funding pro-
jects which include the ‘Electric Mobility Pilot
Regions’. In 2009, ‘Stuttgart Region Economic
Development Corporation (WRS)’ managed to
position Stuttgart as a pilot region for the Fed-
eral Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban
Development (BMVBS). This includes funding in
the amount of EUR 23.4 million so far, which
has been used for various projects, for a large
number of diverse electric vehicles (cars, bus-
es, vans, scooters, pedelecs, segways) and for
developing a public charging infrastructure. In
many areas, the pilot region projects are the
basis for integrating electric mobility into the
transport system within the Stuttgart Region.
They provide the foundation for Baden-Wuert-
temberg's successful application as a ‘Show-
case Region for Electric Mobility’.
Showcase Region for
Electric Mobility LivingLab BW
In April 2012, Baden-Wuerttemberg was nomi-
nated as one of four electric mobility showcase
projects by the German federal government.
These large-scale regional demonstration and
pilot projects are also application-oriented re-
search projects. These projects will test the
interface between electric mobility and the en-
ergy, vehicle and transport systems. The federal
government provides a total of EUR 180 million
in funding for the showcase programme. It was
decided by the German Bundestag, the federal
parliament, to use it for the research and devel-
opment of alternative drive systems.
Around 40 subpro-
jects are being re-
alised in the Stutt-
gart region and the
city of Karlsruhe within the Baden-Wuert-
temberg ‘LivingLab BW
mobil’ showcase
project. The federal government supports this
large-scale ‘LivingLab BW
mobil’ research
project with up to EUR 45 million. The state of
Baden-Wuerttemberg and the Stuttgart Region
is funding the umbrella project with an addition-
al EUR 15 million. LivingLab BW
mobil is coor-
dinated jointly by e-mobil BW and WRS through
their common project management office.
Showcase, pilot region and leading-edge clus-
ter complement each other perfectly in their
synergy. They present a unique opportunity for
Baden-Wuerttemberg to lay the foundation for
the industrialisation of electric mobility and fu-
ture products within the leading-edge cluster.
At the same time, capable business models are
developed and practical e-mobility is demon-
strated in the pilot region and projects in the
showcase programme.
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