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structure study BW
mobil 2011 –
Baden-Wuerttemberg on the way to electric mobility
‘Structure Study BW
mobil 2011 – Baden-Wuerttemberg on the way to electric mobility’ provides
a comprehensive insight and outlook to the various technologies and aspects of electric mobility,
and shows that Baden-Wuerttemberg is in a great position to secure a leading position in this
future market. This study is available free of charge at
This study gives a comprehensive overview of the current state of hydrogen infrastructure and
the available technological concepts and components at filling stations. In addition, it includes
recommendations for further research and actions for industry, associations and the public
authorities. (Available in German only)
hydrogen infrastructure for sustainable mobility –
development stage and research requirements
The ‘System analysis BW
mobil: ITC and energy infrastructure for innovative mobility solutions in
Baden-Wuerttemberg’ study goes beyond the ‘Structure study BW
mobil 2011’ study examining
the challenges and opportunities for the automobile industry in Baden-Wuerttemberg. It research-
es the areas of information and communication technology (ICT) and energy infrastructures for
innovative mobility solutions and comprehensively examines the required system competencies for
Baden-Wuerttemberg’s change to become an electric mobility location. (Available in German only)
system analysis BW
The study gives an overview of the state of the art, it presents the structure of the value-adding
chain, including member competencies, within the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, and it provides
an estimate of the future sales and employment potential. In addition, the study includes a guide-
line for enterprises with respect to hydrogen and fuel cell technology in Baden-Wuerttemberg.
(Available in German only)
energy resources of the future –
potential of hydrogen technology in Baden-Wuerttemberg
This comprehensive study gives companies an overview of Germany’s educational institutions
with regard to sustainable mobility. Furthermore, it lists what companies expect from universities
and graduates, and it includes recommendations on how administrations can contribute to more
effective information and communication processes between universities and companies.
(Available in German only)
academic qualification – analysis of the educational
landscape with regard to sustainable mobility
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