lightweight construction in mobility and production –
opportunity for Baden-Wuerttemberg
This potential analysis examines the technological specifics of lightweight materials in respect
of their machining. And it considers the health-related aspects of machining these lightweight
materials. (Available in German only)
machining of lightweight materials –
introduction and overview
The study examines the subject of sustainability in lightweight construction under the aspect of
ecology and health. In addition to the eco-balance, taking into consideration the effects on the
environment, health aspects also play an important role in the production and utilisation of
lightweight construction products. (Available in German only)
lightweight construction in mobility and production –
ecological aspects
With our publication ‘New options for communities – electric mobility as a building block of
future-proof municipal development in Baden-Wuerttemberg’, responsible officers in the state’s
communities are introduced to the topic of sustainable mobility. Practical examples show how
electric mobility can be realised in their local communities for the benefit of their inhabitants. It
presents options for activities, concepts and ideas for communities that support them in initiating
and expanding e-mobility programmes. (Available in German only)
new options for communities
This sourcebook presents Baden-Wuerttemberg’s research competencies in the area of light-
weight construction in a bundled form. It provides insights into the complexity and diversity of
this topic and introduces the different competence centres and their main fields of research.
It presents 11 non-academic research institutes, 28 university institutes and 13 universities of
applied sciences whose activities and competencies are required for the development and
production of lightweight structures. (Available in German only)
lightweight construction in Baden-Wuerttemberg –
This study provides a comprehensive overview of all technological aspects of lightweight
construction and it shows the relevance of this key technology for Baden-Wuerttemberg. It lists
opportunities and risks and identifies the industries which have already strongly invested in their
development. It describes construction methods and materials in lightweight construction and
provides insights into the developments of the different industries. (Available in German only)
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