energy transition. made in Baden-WuerttemBerg
Thomas Speidel
Phone: +49 711 45894 455
Fax: +49 711 45894 990
ads-tec develops and produces lithium-ion-
based energy storage systems for stationary
applications. These systems are scalable (in-
cluding MWh range), and can therefore be used
in many different energy transition applica-
tions, for example in e-mobility infrastructures.
Big-LinX is an ads-tec-developed IT manage-
ment cloud, for the intelligent and secure con-
trol and integration of energy flow, charging and
discharging systems. ads-tec participates in
numerous research and development projects.
For example, ads-tec cooperates with EnBW
within the iZEUS project to test the integration
of an energy storage unit into a smart grid and
its control via Big-LinX. The project researches,
among other things, the management of all grid
members through the central cloud system.
The focus here is to guarantee the efficient in-
teraction of energy storage units and photovol-
taic systems, and e-mobility charging stations
(within the Smart Traffic subproject) and Smart
Homes. ads-tec has 100 per cent process and
development expertise and is therefore an able
partner in the development and production of
customised battery systems. These energy
storage units are produced in Germany.
ads-tec is also involved in the Elektromobilität
Süd-West cluster and the Schaufenster Elek-
tromobilität project, and therefore remains in
close contact with companies and research
institutions along the entire value-adding chain.
ads-tec GmbH
Raiffeisenstrasse 14
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany
Year of establishment:
> 230 (2012)
approx. EUR 40– 50 million
Lithium-ion energy storage systems for stationary applications
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