With highly efficient electric drives
maKe the World a Better place
ATE Antriebstechnik und
Entwicklungs GmbH
Brandenburger Strasse 10
88299 Leutkirch im Allgäu, Germany
Year of establishment:
65 (2012)
EUR 18 million (2012)
Wolfgang Thaler
Phone: +49 7561 98248 0
Fax: +49 7561 98248 22
ATE stands for drive technology and develop-
ment – but above all for a team of highly moti-
vated specialists and engineers with only one
common goal: the development and production
of stator and rotor components for highly sophis-
ticated electric drives. In brief, for electric motors
with maximum individuality, efficiency and dura-
bility. And ATE has the capacities to fulfil all re-
quests – from prototype to serial product.
In our workshops, we use CNC machine tools,
vacuum casting and laser cutting machines.
Right from the start, we leave nothing to chance
when we develop the perfect drive unit. We use
the latest calculation tools and finite element
methods. This makes ATE the leading supplier in
the innovative niche markets of the e-mobility
industry. Many ATE prototypes in automotive en-
gineering, racing and marine technology easily
leave their competitors behind. ATE also supplies
assemblies for other areas, such as e-fans and
pumps for example. ATE’s motor topologies
range from permanent magnet synchronous
motors to asynchronous motors and reluctance
motors. Dimensions range from an overall dia-
meter of the stator assembly of 10 mm to 1 m.
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