For electric vehicles, the efficient use of stored
energy is a critical issue. It significantly affects
purchasing costs and range. Berger Elektronik
develops and produces wireless high-voltage
measurement technology that measures and
analyses currents and voltages in vehicles to
be applied during the development and launch
phases of electric and hybrid vehicles, and
to transmit the results to stationary units via
UMTS or WLAN. Berger also supplies IL and HIL
assemblies for the development phase; this in-
cludes Linux-based freely configurable restbus
simulators for LIN/CAN and Flexray. We supply
cost-efficient rapid prototyping controllers with
a Matlab Simulink
interface for the prototyp-
ing phase. To achieve maximum range, ancil-
lary units – especially air conditioning systems
– must be optimised. In addition, Berger sup-
ports vehicle manufacturers’ pilot projects with
a focus on PDUs, ancillary units and thermal
management systems. Berger provides project
assistance, software, electrics and electronics.
We also supply controllers suitable for automo-
biles for small series and prototypes. For field
analyses of high-voltage batteries, we supply
sensors and data loggers. And we develop train-
ing systems for hybrid and electric vehicles for
engineering and vocational schools.
In our large workshop, we can refit vehicle elec-
trics, assemble and lay high-voltage cables,
install measurement technology and even carry
out complete vehicle test series.
moBile measuring technology, controllers and thermal management
Berger Elektronik GmbH
Kolumbusstrasse 15
71063 Sindelfingen, Germany
Year of establishment:
105 (2012)
EUR 8.6 million (2012)
Dipl.-Ing. Jochen Retter
Phone: +49 178 6288 764
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