electronics at Bertrandt
Bertrandt AG
Birkensee 1
71139 Ehningen, Germany
Year of establishment:
9,952 (2012)
EUR 709 million (2012)
Klaus Härtl
Phone: +49 7034 656 0
Fax: +49 7034 656 4100
Each design begins with an idea. Together with
its customers, Bertrandt covers the full develop-
ment process, from first design studies to
assistance in series production. In the area of
e-mobility, our focus is on design services for
complete battery systems and electrical com-
ponents such as charger units, inverters and
DC/DC converters. Engineers and technicians
design and pick the right packaging and devel-
op hardware and software that fulfil the require-
ments of high-voltage and functional safety.
Plus system integration, diagnosis and support
in series production.
In 2012, Bertrandt opened up a new battery
testing centre in Ehningen. It integrates all rele-
vant tests for ensuring and optimising for-
ward-looking solutions.Three battery test stands
provide reliable information even in the test
phase. For its customers, Bertrandt is able to
test components like batteries, e-machines,
power electronics and charging units, individu-
ally or in combination, in very different environ-
ments: for power ranges up to 850 V/1000 A
with a maximum of 300 kW.
Today, full-service engineering is a key perfor-
mance indicator in electric mobility – from the
design of electric drive-trains for prototypes and
series-production cars to lightweight construc-
tion, electronic networks and integrated pow-
er-train management (including all safeguard-
ing measures, for example simulation, testing
and prototyping).
Simulated. Designed. Integrated. Tested.
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