The timing for clean and more sustainable forms
of mobility is right as cities worldwide face in-
creasing pressure to reduce CO
emissions. That
is why Bombardier has developed the world’s
only one-stop shop for true e-mobility, offering
vehicle manufacturers and operators the flexible
PRIMOVE portfolio.
Complete package for electric rail and
road vehicles
The fully integrated system of light, long-life bat-
teries, fast inductive charging and efficient pro-
pulsion equipment allows cities to readily adopt
e-mobility. It makes the shift from conventional
transportation to clean e-mobility easy and con-
venient. Plus, it’s affordable. PRIMOVE reduces
total cost of ownership by combining automatic
wireless opportunity charging with highly effi-
cient energy transfer and compact components
that can be integrated into vehicles unobtrusive-
ly and that don’t reduce their capacity.
PRIMOVE – e-mobility unplugged
Thanks to contactless energy transfer between
components installed under the road and under
the floor of the vehicle, PRIMOVE doesn’t need
any catenaries, cables or wires. Charging sta-
tions and times are integrated into normal op-
erations. With that, neither driving behaviour nor
operational processes need changing. There is
also no need for additional fleet vehicles or spare
batteries, making urban transport more flexible
and convenient than ever before.
primove: driving true electric moBility
Bombardier Transportation
Schöneberger Ufer 1
10785 Berlin, Germany
Year of establishment:
36,000 (2012)
USD 8.1 billion (2012)
Susanne Schwarz
Phone: +49 30 98607 1146
Fax: +49 30 98607 2146
The only one-stop shop for charging, battery and propulsion systems for all e-vehicles
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