Bosch paves the Way for electric moBility
As a truly innovative technology company, Bosch
has made a major contribution to the develop-
ment of electric mobility. Bosch’s commitment
goes far beyond automobile technology, also
including a wide range of products and services.
These include renewable energies, integrated
charging infrastructure and battery technology
and drive systems for hybrid and electric vehi-
cles. Not forgetting electric drives for e-bikes
and e-scooters. Bosch benefits from its long
experience as a supplier to the automotive in-
dustry; its outstanding system expertise allows
them to offer integrated full-range solutions.
Bosch has already established a comprehensive
product portfolio for hybrid and electric drives.
This includes core competencies such as power
electronics, electric motors and batteries. Bosch
is able to supply complete electric drive technol-
ogy – from energy storage to e-motor. The use
of hybrid or electric drives affects many other
components and systems in a vehicle. Bosch is
dedicated in this area too, which includes effi-
cient electric auxiliary systems such as electri-
cally driven steering aids.
Bosch also supplies special brake and ESP sys-
tems adapted for hybrid and electric vehicles,
which coordinate brake power between conven-
tional friction brakes and regenerative brakes.
Furthermore, efficient thermal management for
heating and cooling systems in electric vehicles
and navigation systems that calculate the best
energy-saving routes are included in the Bosch
technology portfolio.
Robert Bosch GmbH
Postfach 30 02 40
70442 Stuttgart, Germany
Year of establishment:
306,200 (2012)
EUR 52.3 billion (2012)
From battery to electric motor
Gerhard Rapport
Phone: +49 711 811 24479
Ian Faye
Phone: +49 711 811 34437
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