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Heiko Bauer
Phone: +49 7251 3862 50
Fax: +49 7251 3862 51
CarMedialab is the leading supplier of remote
diagnosis and smart charging systems. Our
product spectrum ranges from embedded sys-
tems for use in vehicles and charging stations to
the operation of comprehensive telematics sys-
For the production of its control units, Car-
Medialab works exclusively with qualified
and TS16949-certified companies. We select
the matching partner from our producer net-
work, depending on volume, complexity and
required flexibility. This ensures that our
company meets its own quality and perfor-
mance requirements. What really differenti-
ates CarMedialab from its competitors is that
it not only supplies embedded systems but
also acts as a telematics services provider. It
has not only developed and designed sys-
tems for the automobile industry for many
years – it has also reliably run them through-
out their entire operative life cycles.
Researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of
Technology (KIT) cooperate with the companies
RA Consulting and CarMedialab for the ELISE
project of the ‘Leading-edge cluster Electric Mo-
bility South-West’, supported by the German
Ministry of Education and Research. ELISE is in-
volved with data processing concepts for cars as
well as independent charging units. It also re-
searches the interactions between driver, vehicle
and environment. Its goal is to make electric
vehicles more reliable and more economic and
ultimately establish e-mobility in the market.
CarMedialab GmbH
Zeiloch 6a
76646 Bruchsal, Germany
Year of establishment:
10 (2011)
EUR 2 million (2011)
Smart charging and remote diagnosis
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