Lithium-ion batteries – energy for a new era of mobility
electric moBility – made in germany
Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH &
Co. KG
Neue Strasse 95
73230 Kirchheim u. Teck, Germany
Year of establishment:
199 (2012)
The key to consistent automotive electrification
is powerful, reliable and durable battery techno-
logy. Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH & Co. KG was
founded in 2009, as a joint venture between
Daimler AG and Evonik Industries AG. Their
shared target was the realisation of automotive
electrification with the help of powerful, reliable
and competitive battery technology.
This makes Daimler one of the few car manufac-
turers worldwide to have developed, and since
2012 produced, its own batteries for automotive
applications. The company’s headquarters and
its R&D location are in Kirchheim unter Teck,
Baden-Wuerttemberg. Its production site is locat-
ed in Kamenz, Saxony.
Company philosophy: invest in the drive system
of the future. Energy storage is at the core of ve-
hicle electrification. Electric drive systems for
vehicles require battery systems that meet spe-
cific requirements of the automotive industry
with regard to safety and environment, power,
robustness, durability and cost. With a motivated
team of specialists and executives, Deutsche
ACCUmotive has advanced the development of
these systems and considerably contributed to
their progress. Its vision to become the leading
supplier of HV batteries is based on the compa-
ny’s extensive expertise, many years of practical
experience and an international network in the
area of lithium-ion battery development.
Frank Blome
Phone: +49 3578 3737 300
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