everything for your e-moBility ideas and proJects
E-CAR-TECH Consulting GmbH
Geislinger Strasse 6
72348 Rosenfeld, Germany
Year of establishment:
5 (2013)
Martin Oberdörfer-Schmidt
Mobile: +49 174 8047633
Fax: +49 7428 918194
The major car manufacturers have finally started
selling electric vehicles! However, if you have
your own e-mobility ideas and would like to
realise them too, you need to find the suitable
components and technical support. E-CAR-TECH
Consulting GmbH closes this gap with its wide
range of services and comprehensive product
portfolio comprising ready-made systems and
components for electric drive concepts.
Our competencies and expertise provides you
with effective solutions for new e-car projects
and refitting projects for combustion engine
vehicles. We participate in international projects
as system and component suppliers for vehicles
independent of manufacturer. We are an exclu-
sive cooperation partner of Curtis Instruments, a
global leader in the market for high-quality drive
systems. We advise and train our customers in
the practical application and in programming by
passing on our know-how, so that electric mobili-
ty has the chance to develop into an interesting
field of business. The modular E-CAR-TECH
concept is proven in practice and offers a wide
range of applications in many areas of business.
It combines the high quality of individual compo-
nents with innovative technology and safety. The
modular system contains open interfaces and is
perfect for training and educational purposes by
conveying the technical and electronic areas of
e-mobility in a very practical manner.
Consulting – Design – Production – Distribution
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