Daimler FleetBoard is among the leading Euro-
pean suppliers of telematics-based internet ser-
vices for trucks, vans and buses. Our modular
FleetBoard services help forwarding companies
in the long-distance transport, distribution and
construction business manage their tours opti-
mally and, at the same time, reduce their fleet
operating costs. The wholly owned Daimler
subsidiary with headquarters in Stuttgart was
awarded several prizes and is DEKRA and DIN
EN ISO 9001:2008 certified. FleetBoard sales
representatives are available all over Europe, in
the Middle East, South Africa, China, Brazil and
Russia. In addition to this, the Mercedes-Benz
sales and service network provides services in
many more countries worldwide.
More than 4,000 customers control their trucks
with our proven telematics systems, to save fuel
and resources and for environment friendly oper-
ation. Since FleetBoard’s establishment in 2000,
more than 115,000 vehicles were installed with
our systems. Thanks to reasonable hardware
costs and service fees, which includes a Europe-
an flatrate, such an investment amortises quickly.
The hardware is installed as standard in the new
Actros series at the Mercedes-Benz truck produc-
tion site. Retrofitting of the telematics system is
possible for other makes too. All vehicles benefit
from the comprehensive sales and service net-
work.A great advantage in the transport business.
reduce consumption. increase efficiency. fleetBoard.
FleetBoard Support
Phone: +49 711 17919 99
Daimler FleetBoard GmbH
Am Wallgraben 125
70565 Stuttgart, Germany
Year of establishment:
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