Are you still looking for a reliable partner who
responds to your individual needs with regard to
the research and production of batteries and fuel
cells? Harro Höfliger offers outstanding technol-
ogies as well as customer-specific and turnkey
project and system solutions. As a medium-sized
enterprise we are able to fall back on a large
development centre with more than 230 em-
ployees in our design and development sector.
We provide you with the basic technologies (web
processing, filling, assembly and packaging) for
the production of foil-based components for fuel
cells and lithium-ion batteries of highest quality.
As a partner, we accompany you from semi-au-
tomatic test equipment for process development
and small-scale production up to fully automatic
production machines.
We have been working for more than 20 years in
this field, and have successfully realised various
projects with leading manufacturers of lithium-ion
batteries and fuel cells. Our focus is mainly on the
development of innovative processes – exclusive-
ly for our customers ‘from roll to stack’.
True to our motto ‘ALL YOU NEED’, we offer full-
range support from consulting on first contact,
up to after-sales services for the equipment.
If this has aroused your interest, we invite you to
get to know us, your opportunities and benefits
with Harro Höfliger as your partner.
energetically oriented ahead to the future
Harro Höfliger
Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH
Helmholtstrasse 4
71573 Allmersbach im Tal, Germany
Year of establishment:
700 (2012)
EUR 120 million (2012)
Division Leader Energy Storage
Fritz Major
Phone: +49 7191 501 5116
Fax: +49 7191 501 5244
We offer suitable production solutions for your individual requirements
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