huBer group – controllers for hyBrid and electric moBility
Huber Group
Industrie- und Businesspark 213
73347 Mühlhausen im Täle, Germany
Year of establishment:
Boris Langer
Phone: +49 733 592060
Fax: +49 733 59206199
Huber Group is a globally active Tier-1 system
supplier with headquarters in Mühlhausen im
Täle. For more than 25 years, the company
has developed and produced environmentally
friendly solutions for combustion engines and
for alternative drives. The experienced full-ser-
vice provider assists its customers in brain-
storming, planning, development and even se-
rial production of controllers, components and
assembly groups, for example for exhaust gas
treatment systems. With its in-house hardware
and software development and electronics pro-
duction, Huber Group provides the full range
of services from function development to inte-
gration of control units into complete systems,
design, prototyping, testing and production. Hu-
ber Group has developed solutions for electric
drives since 2009. The focus here is on e-motor
component integration, matching vehicle con-
trollers and communication interfaces between
driver and vehicle. The e-mobility and hybrid
platform ECU 21, developed by Huber Group,
is a hybrid controller that allows the integra-
tion of environmental solutions into vehicles,
construction machinery and stationary motors.
As part of the ELENA (ELectric ENgine Appli-
cations) network, Huber Group develops and
distributes installation kits and even complete
plug-in hybrid vehicles.
Automotive supplier of the future
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