HyLionTec GmbH Stuttgart manufactures inno-
vative lithium-ion batteries for mobile and sta-
tionary applications in ranges from 3 to 1000 V.
The extraordinary performance of these HyLion-
Tec battery systems is achieved by combining
electrical and mechanical high-performance
components. High-strength aluminium housings
enclose extremely powerful lithium manganese
oxide cells. Cost-efficient lithium iron phosphate
cells are also available. Battery management
systems (BMS) developed in-house and prod-
uct-based implementations of integration tasks
– that’s customised engineering. Modular and
freely scalable system components allow at-
tractive cost structures and early economies of
scale. At the same time, this creates interesting
upgrade options for your products. We are not
bound by any brands and guarantee fair pric-
ing due to large-volume direct cell imports. We
are proud to report that HyLionTec’s engineer-
ing expertise was recently verified by the VW
Gold R500+ demo car. Other HyLionTec battery
components can be found in drive systems for
electric boats, power tools, pedelecs and sta-
tionary storage units for photovoltaic plants.
Product variety and flexibility are crucial success
factors. Thanks to our unique modular system,
we can respond to urgent requests quickly. And
we develop customer-specific battery systems.
Electrochemistry, assembly technology and inte-
grative knowledge is our know-how which we
gladly pass on to our customers.
HyLionTec provides customised energy storage solutions
Battery poWer
HyLionTec GmbH – Batteries for mobile
and stationary applications
Tübinger Strasse 7
70178 Stuttgart, Germany
Year of establishment:
5 (2012)
Martin Ziegler
Phone: +49 711 185785 94
Fax: +49 711 185785 42
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