The automobile and supplier industry are facing
huge challenges these days: new electric drive
concepts, shorter development cycles and ever-
increasing product diversity all demand new
powerful development tools. In this respect, sim-
ulation has long been counted among the lead-
ing technologies. Virtual test driving plays an
important role here. IPG Automotive precisely
reproduces real-life road tests 1:1 – long before
the first prototype becomes available.
IPG Automotive’s simulation solutions offer their
users a highly efficient integration and test plat-
form. The tools and methods of virtual test driv-
ing provide precise information on overall vehi-
cle properties at a very early stage of development.
New e-mobility concepts and forward-looking
operating strategies, but also fuel efficiency, real
fuel consumption and range, can be examined
and evaluated during the simulation process.
Optimisation potential can be identified long
before serial production starts. It is also an
efficient way to improve the entire development
process. Further application fields include func-
tional tests of complex control systems, in addi-
tion to the classic testing of vehicle dynamics
and advanced driver assistance systems. The
simulation tools of IPG Automotive as a technol-
ogy and innovation leader are employed in al-
most all research and development centres of
the well-known OEMs worldwide.
taKing you to the next level –
IPG Automotive GmbH
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76185 Karlsruhe, Germany
Year of establishment:
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Donn
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e-mobility and virtual test driving
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